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Monday, 12 November 2012

Hello,everybody,bloggers,and readers out there.
I am the owner of this blog and other blogs i owned.I have about 5 blogs all together.First is the kawaiisite blog,second is this tutorials blog,third is kpop updates blog,fourth is my diary blog,and fifth is my artwork blog.Currently,i remove kpop updates blog,since i'm too lazy to update.I am a kpoppers.But,i only know my favorite kpop idols update which is Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS),and never know about other kpop groups update,except The Ark.Since my type is,"when i already knew the update,just that,keeping in mind/memories" and never updates.I just too lazy.Because too much kpop website updating about kpop stars.
I began to make blog since i was 14.The first blog that time was the kawaiisite blog.Before that blog looks matured like this,it was really messy,with widgets all over.Since that time,i just new to blog,and obsesses with,i put so many widgets there.That blog began to work slowly,taking ages to load.And during my age 14,i began to travel to other blog site.My first expression was WOW.It was so neat.That time,i began to change my creativity.Making my blog more "light" and neat.That time,was the first time i learn about tutorials making blog.First step,second steps,until i'm 17.After that,i began to create  my own tutorials,making own creativity without refer to others tutorials blog.I make about more than 10 blogs as a tester blog,testing my own tutorials made,if it really work or not.Now,i'm already 20 and starting more matured than before in applying creativity.
When i try to remember my past,it really make me smile,and sometimes sad,cause i want to return back the time,since that moment i was really young.I miss that moment.At age 18,i began to make blogskin.Making blogskin for others for free.Blogskin and blogger template(default) really difference in some codes arrangement.But now,i didn't make it anymore,since i was too busy with my university assignment,exam,test and everything,Little by little i forgot how to make blogskin.Hahahahah..But i do keep my blogskin products for others.Right now,i start being updated with kpop news especially BTS,since i was an ARMYs.That's why i spend about 1/10 of my times on blog.
Okey,before i end up my story telling,here is my short biography.Enjoy.
Name:Intan (Full name aren't allowed to be tell here)
Age:Born on 1996 (my birthday date is right after jungkook's (BTS) birthday and on same month.
Nickname(social media): RjuzInju
Social media:Facebook(RjuzInju),Instagram(Rjuz_j),Twitter(@Injulol)
Institution:UiTM Puncak Alam
Course:Medical Imaging
Wish:Be exchange student,study abroad
Specialities:Want to be different from others.
Likes:Food,kpop,music obsession,making music and learn music,singing,training my vocals.
Hates:Everything bad~la.Hmm
Facts about me:Don;t like to meet people without purpose(unnecessary),loving makes friends from other countries (currently from philipines,myanmar,singapore,indonesia,majority from philipines),always be alone,without care about peoples around me (thats why i don't have much friends).My personality in social media and real life is really difference.Since i love making friends from other countries,my personality kinda different from what i am in real life.And...want to stay away from Malaysia.Just what i told just now(want to be difference from other people).Im super shy,quiet,doesn't give shit to what people say,but i'm kind (LOL).Don't judge books by it cover lor.
That's all.Bye!
[Copy paste from tutorial's blog]