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Friday, 14 December 2012


Annyeong to my all chingu(s) and fella,i'm here with some quoestion and answer that maybe troubling you about my stuff and tutor here.So,read them carefully and kindly ask me at or at my cbox if you have any question and yours will be review in here.So,they goes like this:

What is kawaii stuff present here?

Here,i serve you miscellaneous kawaii stuff,that include all about kawaiiness,such an example,kawaii scalloped edge,kawaii icon for your blog,and this stuff just include for kawaii blog only.Becaouse thistuff tell us about japanese or korean cute life blog.That's why we call kawaii.

Where can i find these all stuff?

You can proceed to my stuff link at my navigation or go the link of useful site for you that i've linked for you here at my blog.

Where can i ask you about this stuff?

You can ask me frequently at my cbox,or at my ask,fm,or at my reqesting form.Just to remember,you can only ask anything about stuff or blog requesting.

What others stuff present here?

Beside kawaii gadget and stuff for your blog,i also serving you with some gadget or widget for your lappy,for example,winamp that is useful for your windows media player.Besides that,i also serve you with some korean song lyrics for you to enjoy.

Why is kawaii?

Because kawaii was soo attarctive that could light up your blog and turned to amazing blog of yours.

What type of requesting serving here?

I serve many type of orders just for you,only for blog.Eg,kawaii blog editing[full or half version].You can know and explore more,just proceed to link stuff and check them out.

What is the price of order?

It depend on your type of requesting.You can know more just proceed to my contact link.The price here is affordable,but if it was soo expensive and costly,you can make a discount when you add me on my facebook.Yaw.

What type of order that does'nt include price tag?

Only kawaii image that need me to explore all the web in the internet ,then i will display them all.That give no charge for you.